F A Q s

1. How long will my ceremony be?
Without musical interludes, a traditional ceremony is approximately 20 minutes long. However, if readings or special rituals are included, they each add about 5 minutes to the ceremony.

2. Will we really be allowed to do things our way?
Absolutely. It has concerned us that many couples seem to be controlled by the demands of other people. Your wedding is your sacred expression. We are here to give form to your feelings and beliefs.

3. Do we have to sign a contract and make a deposit?
We do not require a contract and a deposit.
However, if your plans change, we expect to be notified immediately. Cancellations made less than a week ahead of a scheduled ceremony will be subject to a $50 charge.

4. When is payment due?
Payment for weddings and ceremonies is due prior to the event.

Payment for writing services without officiant services (ceremonies, vows, toasts, tributes) is due in advance, and may be made by credit card online through Paypal.
Payment is due by the time of the rehearsal. Or, if there is no rehearsal, prior to the ceremony.

We have found that in the excitement of the wedding day, it is an intrusion into a happy time to have to transact business. In order to preserve the integrity of the day and maintain the appropriate atmosphere, payment must be completed ahead of time.

We accept payment as a personal check, money order, cash, PayPal. PayPal may be used for credit cards.

A link to PayPal is located here and on our homepage and below.

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Thank you.

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