House Blessing

May the path that leads to this front door
Be blessed with peace for evermore.
And every room be filled with love
That comes from God who dwells above.

May strife and want find no place here,
And darkness only make a mirror
Of sunlight born inside the soul
Of each whose life has been made whole.

God grant that when this door is wide
It opens from the ones inside
To friends who strangers may have been
But nevermore will be again.

And may the home in which we rise
Be sacred always in our eyes.
So when the night comes with its rest,
We bless the One by Whom we're blessed.

We bring this loaf to the door, so that this house will never know hunger
and her family will never know fear.
We offer this salt, so that life within these walls
Will have flavor and be seasoned with love.
We bring a gift of wine
So that there will always be joy instead of thirst,
Friends instead of foes,
And prosperity will reign forever.
God bless all who enter here, and grant them peace.

As for you and your house, serve the Lord with gladness.